Friday, May 20, 2011


So with it being my half day off from work in D-City I decided to explore how far I can get (by car) with the help of my iPad & Google maps. My morning expedition went smoother than I expected and I had an interesting fish & chips for lunch in a little place overlooking the water with my new D-City girlfriend. Both the view and my company were just what I needed for some time-off, but the thought of all the free fish out there in the sea ruined my appetite - I couldn't enjoy more than 1/3 of the fish on plate. Why am I discussing my meal? possibly because I spend at least 6 hours of my day - everyday - thinking of food, planning my meals, and of course who should I share my meal with. I keep saying I would commit to noting down my many food related experiences and endeavors to make it a little less easier for any followers to plan their next meal.

Am I over weight? no, I maintain my ideal weight. The trick in my diet is to commit to quality over quantity. Quality can not be restricted to the ingredients, but it has to include the levels of satisfaction you get out of your meal. Beware though, you could fall into the trap of not knowing when to stop - this is not a diet for the weak!

I have been advised by loved ones that I have an unhealthy relationship with Pasta, but I obviously don't agree with them on the "unhealthy" bit. During a trip to Puglia, Italy in November 2009, I officially started a love affair with Pasta - "the Italian way of happiness" - or so I was told by an Italian restaurateur, I never questions that statement once.

So having treated myself to some freshly made Bavette from little Italian food shop I came across yesterday, I couldn't help but notice and obsess over their pasta machines. With only two months and five days left until my Birthday I already know what's officially No. 1 on my wish list :)

I just need Dolly the Pasta Maker in my life.

I think it would only be appropriate to leave you Dean Martin's tune to go with the Pasta lovin' mood I'm in.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Episode 1

After 5 years of not blogging I decided to get to it again. What will I be blogging about? Good question - the blog will basically describe my life as the twenty-something girl I am. Just a little place for me to vent when necessary, update my followers on projects and travel, and share random information I come across in my not-so-ordinary life.

After a long long day one of my current Dubai trip, I'll leave you with a genius Sonicle that made my day a little bit better until I get back to blogging :) sonicle: lucky lucky dance